A Glass of Blessings Service Mashed Banana Substitute for Applesauce

Mashed Banana Substitute for Applesauce

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If you’re within a crunch and don’t possess pumpkin puree on hand, you may be questioning if applesauce is an excellent alternative. After all, they’re equally fruit purees, so how different could they really be? Mainly because it ends up, there are a few important distinctions between both of these ingredients which might impact your baking effects.

Structure and Flavour

One of the primary dissimilarities between pumpkin puree and applesauce is the texture. Pumpkin puree is quite a bit heavier and has a creamier persistence, when applesauce is finer and a lot more watering. This distinction can effect the feel of your baked items. For instance, if you’re employing pumpkin puree to produce muffins, the concluded merchandise will be dense and wet. But if you use applesauce as an alternative, your muffins will likely be less heavy and much less damp.

Similarly, the flavor of those two elements also differs quite drastically. Pumpkin puree includes a distinctly earthy taste with tips of sweet taste, whilst applesauce is sugary with hardly any hint of earthiness. This difference in flavor may not subject so much if you’re using pumpkin puree in savory food like chili or soup. But when you’re building a delicacy like pumpkin cake or apple distinct, the visible difference in taste will be noticeable.

Compatibility With Many Other Ingredients

Another aspect to consider is when properly pumpkin puree and applesauce pair with other ingredients. Pumpkin puree contains lots of all-natural sugars, so it can burn easily when exposed to higher heat. Because of this, it’s important to cook pumpkins slowly at a reduced temp. Alternatively, applesauce doesn’t contain all the sugars, so it’s not as likely to shed when exposed to higher temperature.

As far as compatibility along with other flavors will go, pumpkin puree pairs properly with spices or herbs like sugar-cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger herb. When you alternative applesauce for pumpkin puree within a recipe that requires those seasoning, you should put a little bit more to compensate for the lack of earthiness that pumpkin puree will have supplied.


So is applesauce a good substitute for pumpkin puree? It depends on what you’re producing and what your requirements are. If you’re trying to find a thick puree by having an earthy flavour, then no—applesauce isn’t going to make the grade. But if you require a thinner puree by using a sweeter taste, then applesauce might function all right within your recipe. As always, experimentation is vital in preparing (and food preparation!) so feel free to play around up until you find an substitution that works for you.

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