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Meet Our Officers

Meet the dedicated team who are always thinking and working  to improve beautiful Downtown Bolivar!

Susan Sparks

Susan has traveled all over this beautiful nation of ours but has found a little piece of Heaven in a town called Bolivar. She fell in love with the town right away and dedicated herself to seeing it grow.

Vice-President Justin Ballard

Justin a Bolivar native and is dedicates himself to the town he loves. He likes long walks on the beach and the color purple. Justin enjoys pottery lots and lots of pottery.

Treasurer   Stacey Hicks

Stacy has been in the witness protection services for many years now and just recently was let out of a level 2 bomb shelter. Stacy lived underground for the past 20 years and has missed so much. Kinda similar to that Blast from the Past movie. You know the one with Brendan Fraiser in it... No not The Mummy the other one... Wait is he even in movies anymore... Did he Die????? Hmmm anywho be sure to welcome our newest member of the team Stacy Hicks!!!!

Gretchen Combs

Gretchen has to be related to Shiela because she is also kind and generous. Many do not know that she is the Queen of the Lemons. In her house she has 4,593,756.4839673758295487375783 lemons. Needless to say it is a passion of hers.

Director   Annette Grey

Annette is the nicest person you will ever meet. She was also a superhero and has saved the world 4 times from the clutches of Dr. Evil David Grey. Annette was so nice she convinced Dr. Evil David Grey to hang up his evil cape. They were married on Nov. 30th, 1979 on the moon and continue to live happily ever after.

Sheila Swihart

Sheila is the Kindest, Generous person in the town of Bolivar. She will hate this picture of her but oh well it is what came up when I typed her name on google. Sorry Sheila!!!!!!!

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